Auditor General’s actual email reply to me:


For raffle games with a set number of tickets the odds of winning are reported as the number of prizes out of the total number of tickets.  In your referenced game there are 750,000 tickets and 7 $1 million prizes, so the probability of winning $1 million is 7/750,000.  Your analysis of subtracting each ticket from the remaining tickets (i.e., 6 out of 749,999) is true but makes only a very small change in the odds.   In your analysis, if you were interested in the odds of actually winning say the 3rd $1 million draw than the odds of that particular prize would be 1 out of 749,996, as you stated.  We do not feel that the Lottery’s summarized display of the odds is misleading.   


My reply:

Did you not see that they promised that the odds were 1 in 107,143  to win 1,000,000.00? 

So you are admitting that the odds are really 7 in 750,000 and you are also saying "We do not feel that the Lottery’s summarized display of the odds is misleading."   That makes zero sense at all!!! 


This only proves that the state departments cover-up for each other.

However when my other fraud allegations (from page 1) are heard in the US Supreme court, this will be exhibited too, outside of Florida, how will such camaraderie help them there? 

And the emails will serve as proof that the state auditor general was notified on this issue, and also notified regarding my other issues about the lottery department immunizing themselves from state laws on mandatory disclosures and rescission periods on annuities and the alleged kickbacks to/from annuity brokers which I am working on gathering proof on.

This is the actual response from the Florida State Auditor General:  

(My replied to her is in red)

750,000 tickets are sold in total at $20. per ticket